“Madrid Fissa”
fixed wooden bed base


  • Multi-layer beech-coated birch frame mm. 70×25
  • Multi-layer birch slats finished with non-toxic products
  • Flexible supports to the edge of the frame
  • Softer flexible supports and differently coloured slats on the shoulder area
  • Central section equipped with regulators for adjusting rigidity in the lumbar area
  • Ø 60 mm. Legs (double bed frame supplied with an extra leg at the centre)
  • Size of slats mm. 40×8


Standard dimension:

cm.80 x 190/195/200
cm.85 x 190/195/200
cm.90 x 190/195/200
cm.110 x 190/195/200
cm.120 x 190/195/200
cm.160 x 190/195/200
cm.165 x 190/195/200
cm.170 x 190/195/200