“Serie R20”
two fold sofa bed mechanism

Evolution of our mod. Romoflex, the new two fold Mechanism R20 has been projected to optimize both the seating and sleeping comfort.
In 85 cm depth, it can in fact contain a matress of 2 mt length with 12-13 cm thickness!
Lifting up opening is still frontal in two easy movements.
Available with electrowelded mesh and complete with elastic webbing for the seating. Suitable for daily use.

  • NEW: matress of 200 cm length and 12-13 cm thickness, mechanism depth 85 cm.
  • Constructed in high resistance cold rolled steel tube
  • Finished in epoxy resin, electro statically deposited, oven baked
  • Orthopaedic weld mesh sleeping deck
  • Partially slatted with a webbed seating area
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A B Mattress M3 Kg
97 80 75x200x12 0,35 20
142 125 120x200x12 0,50 31
162 145 140x200x12 0,58 34
182 165 160x200x12 0,65 37