“Superb” removable cover
springs mattress

Superb is the top range of the collection.

It is made of two layers of independent springs, each contained in a bag of hypoallergenic material, to offer a different compression on each side of the mattress.

One side is composed of soft pocket springs (± 470 m2) in 1,10 mm Ø steel wire, arranged as a checkerboard in different thicknesses (10 and 13 cm), allowing a first super soft reception and a further soft but ergonomic support.

The other side is composed of independent firm mini pocket springs (± 281 m2) in 1.80 mm Ø steel wire and 5.5 cm thick, creating a semi-rigid reception.

The padding is made with 3 cm of fireproof “Memory Form” (soft on one side and firm on the other side), which adapts to the springing and to the shape of the body without any compression (facilitating blood circulation) and a breathable 3D mesh (soft on one side and firm on the other side), which allows ventilation inside the mattress.

The “box” perimeter system consists of fire retardant polyurethane foam, which reinforces the mattress at the sides for a better comfort when you sit on the edge or when you get up from the bed. The high-quality fireproof padding consists of pure cotton, pure Tussah silk and pure white linen. The fabric of viscose and polyester has a fire retardant treatment and is slightly elastic.