“Serie Duplo (Millennium)”
twin trundle bed

Two single beds with orthopaedic weld mesh sleeping decks. Articulated opening of the under-bed by use of the headboard-handle. The only product of its type which accommodates two mattresses of the same size (80 x 190 x 14 cm) on both beds. The seat of the sofa, inclined by 3 cm for a increased comfort, converts to horizontal when the mechanism is opened into the bed position. The under-bed possesses non-tracking casters to avoid damage to floor coverings. Ideal for regular use.

  • Constructed in high resistance cold rolled steel tube
  • Finished in epoxy resin, electro statically deposited, oven baked
  • Frame complete with bayonet fixings for easy mounting of various parts (arms-back-face board)



A B Mattress M3(excluding mattress) Kg
195 85 80x190x14 0,55 24
190 80 80x190x14 0,50 23